The Movement is coming 

Throughout the last four years I have spent in Paris, what started as a small vibration has turned into a bigger movement: it seems that health is becoming à la mode in Paris. 

I no longer strut around naked and alone in the change rooms at KLAY gym pretending it's my own billion-dollar bathroom. Slowly but surely, it has filled up with beautiful motivated Parisiennes compelled by the promise of health, fitness (and the free body oil).

The challenge of Paris 

Let's not sugar coat it though. Paris will test your motivation. It's shit-smeared streets may slip you over. The cold dark mornings can you keep you under the covers and the sheer futility of working out when proceeded by a brunch consisting of different forms of butter, make it all seem at times like a little too much effort. 

Don't give up 

We're in it together. This site is designed to help you look past all that to celebrate a Paris that can be beautiful, light, healthy and strong. How to prepare for your first cours à pied, where to find the elusive chia seed in Paris, why you absolutely must start using a tongue cleaner tomorrow - it's all decrypted, laid out ready for the taking. 


About the founders 

By day Monique is an Australian working as an executive in the fashion industry. By night she slips on her yoga pants and her passion for health, coming from her mother country - a far off paradise where health and wellbeing are firmly engrained in the culture.

Alice is a parisienne who recently had never heard of  a journalist... 

Together..  xx

Vivre les Paris’saines.